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STEEL express – Ram Caddsys
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Design of Structural Steelwork elements according to EC 3.

Design of Stuctural Steelwork Elements according to Eurocode 3 EN 1993:2005

With STEELexpress you can easily design structural elements of structural steel.

Classification of cross-sections, Resistance of cross-sections in single and combined actions, Flexural and lateral buckling resistance of members. Design of connections. Design of beams, columns, roof, and floor structures. Design one-floor frames and two-floor frames. Design of purlins and bracing systems. Design of footings of steel structures.Design of composite steel and concrete structures, according to Eurocode 4. Parameters according to National Annex of Eurocode. Detailed reports with references to Eurocode paragraphs and necessary drawings. Tables with all international steel profiles with dimensions, resistance, and buckling resistance values. User-defined steel section properties. Welded steel sections are formed by the user.

A combined detailed report is produced for the designed steel components. Assumptions and references to design codes are shown in the report. The user can select the applicable National Annex. The design code parameters, as well as default values, can be adjusted by the user. Design Charts and Tables for use and understanding of Eurocode 3 are included in the program. For frame structures, the program’s CAD modulus automatically generates detailed drawings of the structure and the joints.

Design of steel frames

Single bay portal frames under vertical and horizontal loadings, also with concentrated loads on the columns.

Single bay portal frames under snow, wind, and seismic loading.

Two-floor frames under vertical and horizontal loadings.

Design of Steel Beams

Single beams (simply supported, fixed in one end, or fixed in both ends).

Combination of uniform, triangular or concentrated loads.

Various lateral length supports.

Floor beams of one or two spans or one span and cantilever. Laterally unrestrained, restrained at one or two intermediate points, or totally restrained.

Roof beams of one or two spans. Snow, wind pressure, and under-pressure imposed load.

Purlin design. Simply supported or continuous. Laterally restrained or unrestrained.

Design of Steel columns

Single members in compression (various end conditions and buckling lengths).

Columns under axial load, or axial load, and single or double bending.

Columns in simple constructions (simple columns, columns in braced or unbraced frames).

Design of bolted connections

Design of various connections according to Eurocode 3-1-8Connections are design for specific actions, and the program selects the optimum connection geometry and bolt number and arragenment .You may also specify the bolt number and configuration and the program computes the connection capacity.

Tension connections

Shear joint

Double shear joint

Splice joint

Short continuity of I section

Beam-to-beam connections

Beam-continuation connection
Gerber-beam connection
Beam-on-beam connection with web cleats

Beam-to-column connections

Beam on column connection with web cleats
Beam on column connection with end plates

Connections of portal frames 

Bolted connections with end or base plate.Apex connection
Eve connection with Haunch
Eve connection without haunch
Simple column base connection
Fixed column base connection

Connections made with pins

Pin ended member
Gerber-beam connection

Design of Bracing systems

Bracing systems are required to resist transverse actions due to wind and earthquakes.

Vertical bracing system in the sidewalls between the columns.
This system transmits the horizontal transverse loads from the roof to the ground and temporary stability during the erection.

Horizontal roof bracing system
On the roof to transmit the transverse loads from the roof to the vertical bracing and to provide temporary stability during the erection.

Design of footings of steel structures

Pinned footing under vertical and horizontal loading

Fixed footing under vertical and horizontal loading and moment

Footings resisting horizontal forces only with passive earth pressure

Footings with horizontal ties to resist horizontal forces

Design of base anchoring system

Simple base connection  (vertical and horizontal forces).
Fixed base connection. (vertical , horizontal forces and overturning moment).Anchor bolts with hooks or with washer plates.

Eurocode 4

Design of composite steel and concrete structures

EN 1994-1-1:2004 Design of composite steel and concrete structures, General rules and rules for buildings

Resistance of cross-sections

Design of steel cross section in Ultimate Limit State (ULS) for various combinations of actions.

For a selected cross section and the actions on the cross section the design the design resistance of the cross section is computed.

Single actions
Tension Nt
Compression Nc
Bending Myy, Bending Mzz
Shear Vz, Shear Vy

Double actions
Bending and compression Nc-Myy,Nc-Mzz
Biaxial bending Myy-Mzz
Compression and shear Nc-Vz, Nc-Vy

Combined actions
Compression, bending and shear Nc- Vz-My
Tension, bending and shear Nt-Vz-My
Bending and compression Nc-Myy-Mzz
Bending and tension Nt-Myy-Mzz
Axial force shear and bending N-V-M

Buckling resistance of members

Buckling resistance and lateral buckling resistance of members

Uniform members in compression EN1993-1-1:2005 6.3.1.

Columns with axial load only

Uniform members in bending EN1993-1-1:2005 6.3.2

Lateral buckling resistance of members

Beams with vertical load only 

Uniform members in bending and axial compression EN1993-1-1:2005 6.3.3 

Columns with axial compression and end moments.

Beams with vertical load and axial compression

Variety of loading combinations, end support conditions and various lateral restrained conditions.

Steel sections

Standard sections,


Welded sections

Dimensions, geometric properties
Resistance values (axial load, bending shear)
Buckling resistance and lateral buckling resistance for various buckling lengths

Tables of all the international steel profiles

Dimensions, properties, classification resistance values for various actions, buckling and lateral buckling resistance values.

Tables of non-standard steel sections
Section properties are defined from the user.

Tables with welded (fabricated) steel sections
The user can make the steel section by giving the dimensions and thicknesses. The program computes the geometric and strength properties. These sections can be used anywhere in the program for designing steelwork elements.

Basic design charts and graphs of EC3

  • Buckling curves, tools for computing buckling reduction factor.
  • Elastic critical moment for lateral buckling Mcr
  • Tools for computing Effective length of braced and unbraced members.


Preview and print Report

Full report preview. Drawings of the structure and the structural details for the connections. The computational errors, or inadequate dimensioning, are shown in red.

  • Export of all reports to PDF or Word format.
  • Export of all CAD drawings to PDF or DXF(Autocad) format.

Printing in Α4, Α3, Α2 paper.

Full design report preview. Detailed report with diagrams, structure and connection drawings.

References to Eurocodes paragraphs, report of analytical formulas and calculations.

Report contents and design parts can be selected.

PDF and DOC export of the report.

 Example Report


Basic program parameters

National Annex from EU countries.

Materials: Structural steel, Concrete, Reinforcing steel, Soils.Environmental loads, snow, wind, seismic

Eurocodes used in STEELexpress

EN1990:2002, Eurocode 0 Basis of Structural Design
EN1991-1-1:2002, Eurocode 1-1 Actions on structures
EN1991-1-3:2003, Eurocode 1-3 Snow loads
EN1991-1-4:2005, Eurocode 1-4 Wind actions
EN1992-1-1:2004, Eurocode 2 Reinforced concrete
CEN/TS 1992-4-1:2009, Design of fastenings in concrete, General
CEN/TS 1992-4-2:2009, Design of fastenings, Headed Fasteners
EN1993-1-1:2005, Eurocode 3 1-1 Design of Steel structures
EN1993-1-3:2005, Eurocode 3 1-3 Cold-formed members
EN1993-1-5:2006, Eurocode 3 1-5 Plated structural elements
EN1993-1-8:2005, Eurocode 3 1-8 Design of Joints
EN1997-1-1:2004, Eurocode 7 Geotechnical design
EN1998-1-1:2004, Eurocode 8 Design in earthquake environment

User’s manual

User manual included in PFD format.

Free update from the internet.


Engineering tools

  • Unit conversion
  • Area calculations
  • Section of properties
  • Calculation Rolled steel shapes

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