IDEA StatiCa is the world-leading solution for the structural design of steel connections, concrete details, and critical members.


IDEA StatiCa is an industry-leading EN and AISC steel connection design software. You get clear pass/fail checks as per code, in minutes. IDEA StatiCa will save up to 80% of your connection design time because of:

  • A huge database of pre-designed 2D/3D connections, footings, CHS and HSS connections, steel-to-timber, and other connections
  • Quick modeling and design of any bolted and welded connections
  • Thorough code-checks including buckling, stiffness analysis, design resistance, and seismic
  • Fully customizable reports with equations and pictures that sell


Design any type of steel connection from scratch or import it from your analysis or detailing software. Apply simplified or complex loading. Visualize the connection behavior. Generate connection sketches and bill of material in seconds. IDEA StatiCa gets your connection design done for every configuration of steel connections you need:

  • Moment connections in steel structures, shear and axial connections, including seismic
  • Beam to beam, beam to column, column to column, or column to base plate connections



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Who Can Benefit

  • Steel Fabricators
  • Structural Design Engineers
  • Academicians

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Customer's Feedback

It was really a fun experience using S-FOUNDATION. It is an easy-to-use software especially with an attractive interface (GUI). I have been teaching soil mechanics, geotechnical engineering & foundation engineering courses for the past 17 years in Malaysia with experience in PLAXIS.

Youventharan Duraisamy
University Malaysia Pahang

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Frequently Ask Questions

IDEA StatiCa Steel has been introduced to the engineering world in 2014. Since then, it brought to its users a true revolution and significant advantages on time-saving, productivity and safety of steel structures.

IDEA StatiCa Connection is not a complex software package. 95% of our customers saw the potential in 30 minutes of testing, i.e. after designing a couple of joints themselves. Just to be sure, we provide a 14-day trial.

If you want to learn the steel connection design with IDEA StatiCa Connection thoroughly, you should try out our online course IDEA StatiCa Campus. With an estimated time investment of about 40-50 hours, you can learn all the necessary stuff to be able to use IDE StatiCa fully and effectively.

We have European, American, Australian, Indian, Hongkong, Canadian, Russian, Chinese

Plates has been checked here by Component based finite element analysis

The answer is yes. Validation and verification of the CBFEM solution is the essential part of the process of IDEA StatiCa software development. There has been extensive research done in this field, which is available partly on the IDEA StatiCa webpage or CBFEM webpage or in the book “Component-based finite element design of steel connections” by Prof. Frantisek Wald.

Ideastatica will check for the input provided by the Engineers. Software doesn’t suggest any value specifically to follow.

BIM links to the most widespread FEA and CAD programs are being developed and maintained by IDEA StatiCa and are a part of the installation setup. For any other FEA and CAD program, the BIM link can be created using the public API interface IDEA Open Model (IOM).


After installation, IDEA StatiCa automatically integrates the BIM links to your FEA and CAD programs. For later installed programs, BIM links can be activated in the BIM link installer.


The data transfer from FEA and CAD projects to IDEA StatiCa is realized via the Code-check manager. The code-check manager is an application to import and manage structural joints and connections that you want to analyze and code-check in IDEA StatiCa. It also allows merging imported models from CAD and FEA projects into one, synchronizing the imported models after you update the source FEA or CAD project and more.

IDEA StatiCa came up with a new method called component-based Finite Element Model, CBFEM which is a synergy of component method and finite element method. We use finite elements to get the stress-strain analysis of the joint and then to apply standard checks like in the component method.


We came with a different approach for steel joint design, that is why we paid special attention to its verification and validation, right from the start for years ago.

The first level of testing the new software was to take dozens of standard joints from Eurocode and US design guides and calculate them with IDEA StatiCa.


The second level was to laboriously create models in FEA programs and comparing them to results achieved in IDEA StatiCa Connection in minutes.


The third level of testing was live lab tests. Again, the same results. Two university teams spent over 3 years on this.


And published it in various articles, benchmark studies, and most importantly, verification book.

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