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ezWalker Review – Ram Caddsys
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All-in-one 3D plant visualization and review software. Works with multiple devices like desktops, mobiles, tablets, and even cloud-based browsers.

eZWalker Review

3D Plant Visualization and Review System


eZWalker Review, the 3D visualization review system, independently developed by DMS, has an embedded XRE rendering core with independent IPR, which can seamlessly analyze various 3D system data of plants (PIM), buildings (BIM), machinery and etc. The extreme lightweight capabilities for engineering models and data can meet various industrial customization purposes such as the visualization project collaboration among the EPC general contractor, 3D review by the designer, construction simulation by the construction unit, visualization operation and maintenance training by the owner, etc., and can meet the platform requirements for the visualization management of the full life cycle of digital assets to help owners achieve the goals of smart manufacturing and industry 4.0.

The platform supports multi-screen integration and multi-terminal access. The PC terminal and mobile APP can use the powerful rendering engine algorithm of the terminal program to realize functionalities such as large-scale scene browsing, multi-person conference collaboration, and ergonomics inspection.



Why choose eZWalker for your Plant Visualization and Review?


  • Most affordable viewer in the industry, costs only 25% of other offerings
  • Independent Lightweight Technology makes collaboration possible for all parties (model compression up to 1/100th of original size without loss in quality)
  • Supports parsing various formats with an independent core industrial-grade engine
  • Powerful and User-friendly 3D Model Review Functionality to navigate, review, conduct collaborative remote meetings, collision checks, animation creation, VR roaming, and other operations on commonly used 3D models in industries such as process plants, construction, and machinery.
  • Works on all PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android Phones, Tablets, and even Web Browsers
  • Verified and used by numerous EPC Contractors, Design Engineers, Petroleum Companies, Oil and Gas Refineries etc.




Learn how to use our all-in-one 3D plant visualization and review software.

  • Most affordable viewer in the industry
  • Independent Lightweight Technology makes collaboration possible (model compression up to 1/100th)
  • Supports parsing various formats with an independent core industrial-grade engine
  • Powerful and User-friendly 3D Model Review Functionality
  • Works on all PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android Phones, Tablets, and even Web Browsers




Who Can Benefit

  • EPC Contractors
  • Plant Designers/ Owners

eZWalker Integrations

Features Works with eZWalker

Bentley OpenPlant
Autodesk Plant 3D
Intergraph CADWorx
MicroStation/ PDS

Autodesk Revit
IFC (2X3 and later)

ProE/ Creo
SolidWorks 3D


Unique Features

Independent Lightweight Technology


1. The installation package of eZWalker Review is only a little over a hundred megabytes in size, making it compact and lightweight compared to other browser software that often exceeds gigabytes.

2. eZWalker enables highly compressed processing of the original model files, achieving a compression ratio of up to 70 times while retaining the integrity of the original data;

3. During the model browsing process, users have the flexibility to adjust the browsing precision according to their needs, enhancing compatibility with older devices.


Obtaining the Original Directory Tree and its Attributes


The models files parsed by eZWalker Review retain the original 3D model’s directory structure and attribute information. It also supports the customization of additional extended property information, providing an information foundation for later model and data utilization.


Model Synchronization and Comparison


Through the same client end, using two different eZWalker windows (just utilizing a single license), you can achieve a comparison between different versions of the model. This facilitates the comparison between the model before and after changes, aiding in tracking the process of problem resolution.


Quick Operations on Model 


During the model roaming and browsing process, you can perform various operations such as making the model transparent, hiding components, changing colors, conducting local or global sectioning, and taking measurements, etc.


Accurate Measurement


It supports capturing model feature points and lines, allowing for precise measurements of dimensions and angles. It provides dynamic prompts for point coordinates and distances along the three axes directions.


Advanced Search


It enables quickly searching for model nodes with specific attributes, swiftly pinpointing the position of the identified node using search results, and performing actions such as color changes, hiding, or reverse selection on the search results.


Touch Browsing Mode with Large Screen


Browsing models through touchscreen operations enhances efficiency, simplifies interactions, and is suitable for various scenarios such as meetings and exhibitions.


Model Review


1. During the review process, various annotation methods are supported for identifying and commenting on issues, facilitating the addition of review comments;

2. The review results support multiple output and transfer methods, and can be exported as customized template Excel review reports;

3. Import/Export XML for general review data files, compatible with viewing and reviewing data in Navisworks.

4. It supports remote collaborative review among multiple users, enabling model sharing, file sharing, and viewpoint sharing, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the review process.


Interdisciplinary Collision Detection


By using a 3D model to set up inspection rules for various objects such as pipelines, equipment, and building structures, collision checks can be performed. This allows for the early detection of inconsistencies in the model before construction, facilitating timely adjustments or discussions for optimal solutions. It reduces the occurrence of errors, omissions, collisions, deficiencies, and other issues associated with traditional 2D modes, thereby improving construction efficiency, quality, and shortening the project duration.


Perspective Synchronization of Design Software


After completing the model review using eZWalker, the “Camera Sync” feature enables perspective synchronization between eZWalker and SP3D or PDMS design software. This allows for quickly locating the position of the reviewed issues in the design software, significantly enhancing the efficiency of model modifications.


International Standard Ergonomics


The embedded ergonomic inspection module compliant with international standards, accurately simulating on-site operations. Supports the addition of 22 international standard ergonomic inspection models, allowing for the early detection of potential on-site issues and reducing production costs.


3D Space Identification


It supports spatial identification within 3D space, such as range indication, route guidance, widely applied in 3D scenarios for safety warnings, inspection and evacuation routes, piping medium flow direction, text labeling, etc. Additionally, it supports dynamic cyclic display, enhancing the reminder effect.


Parameter-driven Dynamic Script Animation


With regard to dynamic display effects for models, it supports intelligent parameter-driven animation creation functionality. It features flexible equipment joints, allowing the addition of trajectory paths, color transitions, transparency, and various temporal dynamic model effects.

Talk With An Expert

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