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SteelSections EC3 – Ram Caddsys
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SteelSections EC3 Is The Most Used Software For Building Component Design

Design tables for Structural Steel Sections according to Eurocode 3, EN 1993-1-1:2005

Tables with all the international steel sections, with their dimensionspropertiesclassificationresistance and buckling resistance values according to Eurocode 3, EN1993-1-1:2005. The tables are extended to non-standard steel sections and welded section with dimensions given from the user.
Tables with dimensions and properties of standard steel sections

Select the section type, a table is displayed with all the standard sections for this group, their dimensions and properties.

For every selected section a drawing in scale is displayed.

Automatic activation of steel section tables in FRAME2Dexpress.

More info pdf…

Classification and resistance of standard steel sections

·    Classification (1,2,3,4) according to EN1993-1-1:2005 §5.5 for axial loading and loading with bending moments.

·    Resistances of the cross-section in compression,  bending in y-y and z-z axis, and shear according to EN1993-1-1:2005 §6.2

·    Buckling resistance for various buckling lengths (Lc) according to EN1993-1-1:2005 §6.3.1

·    Lateral torsional buckling resistance for various  lateral buckling lengths (Llt) according to EN1993-1-1:2005 §6.3.2

Non-standard steel sections
Section properties are defined from the user.
Welded steel sections

The properties of the welded sections are defined in a special window from the user.Automatic computation of properties, strength and buckling values.

Steel section types included in the program
Parametric steel grade properties.Parametric partial factors for materials γΜ.Program manual Pdf.Free update from internet. 


Example 1

Steel column 5.20 m.
Axial load G = 80 kN, variable axial load Q = 120 kN.
Steel S 355.
Total axial design load:
Ned =1.35xG+1.50xQ=1.35×80+1.50×120 = 288 kN
Buckling lengths: Liy = 5.20 m, Liz = 5.20 m

In the main program screen, click Classification and Resistance of standard cross-sections.
From the tree control on the left select section type HEA.
Click + and all the sections of type HEA are displayed.For steel grade S 355 and buckling length 5.20 m (table values between 5.0 m and  6.0m ), check Nbyrd and Nbzrd (buckling resistances in compression in y-y and z-z axis) to be greater than the design load of the column Ned=288 kN.Section ΗΕ 180 Α is OK.For buckling length 6.0m>5.20m, the section has, buckling resistances in compression Nbyrd = 900 kN > 288 kN and Nbzrd = 397 kN >288 kN.

Example 2

Beam 5.80 m with loads.Permanent load g = 18 kN/m.
Variable load q = 24 kN/m.
Steel S 355.
Design load:
qed = 1.35×18.0+1.50×24.0 = 60.30 kN/m
Maximum design bending moment:
My,ed =  60.30×5.802/8 = 253.6 kNm
Maximum design shearing force:
Vz,ed = 60.30×5.80/2 = 174.9 kN

In the main program screen, click Classification and Resistance of standard cross-sections.

From the tree control on the left select section type IPE. Click + and all the sections of type IPE are displayed.

For steel grade S 355 and lateral buckling length LLt=5.80 m (table 6.0m), check Μbrd2 (parabolic bending moment diagram) to be greater than the maximum bending moment acting on the beam My,ed = 253.6 kNm.

Section IPE 500 is OK.

For lateral buckling length 6.0m>5.80 m, has resistance in bending moment due to lateral buckling Μbrd2 = 288 kNm>253.6 kNm
From the table above you can check the resistances in shear and bending.
Shear resistance Vc,rdz = 1227 kN, bending resistance Mc,rdy = 779 kNm.

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