Chennai, India



The Role: Technical Sales/Support Engineer – PEB

The Team: THIS ROLE is a key customer-facing position responsible for customer training, tech support, and after-sales performance in India, UAE, Singapore, and neighboring SEA countries.


1. What will you do?

  • ⚙️ Develop existing proficiency and knowledge in PEB Design software
  • ⚙️ Build and maintain strong relationships with customers to attain excellent customer satisfaction and renewal business
  • ⚙️ Handle incoming demo requests and look for new ones to generate opportunities
  • ⚙️ Coordinate with the marketing team to arrange meetings and discussions with prospects and customers
  • ⚙️ Present new software and solutions to prospects (pre-sales) on online and live events
  • ⚙️ Provide technical support to the end-users via Email/Phone/Web Conference apps
  • ⚙️ Obtain customer feedback regarding software and communicate it to the developer
  • ⚙️ Help to translate the international marketing content into a strong and localized message
  • ⚙️ Create training and product feature videos
  • ⚙️ Share content for social media and blog with the marketing team

2. What are the requirements?

  • ✅ Minimum 3 years experience in design and detailing of PEB's (pre-engineered buildings)
  • ✅ Strong presentation and analytical skills are a must
  • ✅ Excellent written and oral communication is a must
  • ✅ M.Tech in structural engineering
  • ✅ Must be ready to learn more about new software and its functionalities
  • ✅ Must be ready to use social media to support marketing efforts
  • ✅ Must be ready to create software training methodology and content
  • ✅ Good knowledge of software products for structural engineering
  • ✅ Willingness to travel to different countries across Asia
  • ✅ Must be ready to work with multiple functional departments across the company


3. Why work with us?

  • 💥 Excited team of a cutting-edge technology company
  • 💥 Be an important part of an international expansion shaping the industry
  • 💥 Competitive pay package
  • 💥 Support for continuous education
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