Building information modeling is a process supported by various tools, technologies, and contracts involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places. COMOSYS is a new generation construction modeling system that is fully BIM-enabled. You can perform Steel Structures Analysis, Detailing, and Design with COMOSYS for Steel in a fully BIM-enabled environment. You can also perform Concrete/3D Rebar Structures Detailing, and Modeling with COMOSYS for Rebar in a fully BIM-enabled environment.



COMOSYS has been created to not only save time and money but to also provide features that existing steel/concrete(RC) detailing software does not provide. Come experience a fully-integrated platform that will revolutionize your productivity.

Starting from ₹ 327600
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Vertex BD

Vertex BD is the leading cold-formed steel framing software / light gauge steel framing software for prefab, modular, residential and commercial construction. Architects, drafters, engineers and construction professionals use Vertex BD to streamline their entire building process, from detailing to manufacturing.

Starting from ₹ 34561
Monthly EMI payment plan available
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