One-stop solution for PEB structures, from design to manufacturing.

mkaPEB is the most comprehensive and user-friendly software developed to help the Engineers and EPC contractors to quickly produce various alternatives and cost estimates for PEB structures.


Watch how mkaPEB offers a complete solution for PEB structures.

Why MkaPEB?

  • Specialized software for single-storey PEB Structures.
  • Most easy to use and quickly compare cost-effective structure configurations using extensive model wizards.
  • Once you finalize the structure, apply loads and design the structure including foundations according to major design codes.
  • After completion of the design, build your Real 3D Solid Model of the structure including Steel connections, Crane beams, Baseplate & foundations
  • Produce detailed cost estimation report and detailed design calculations
  • Produce GA drawings, Assembly drawings and Part drawings
  • Produce files required to send to any CNC machine.
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One-stop solution for PEB structures from Design to Manufacturing.

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One-stop solution for PEB structures from Design to Manufacturing.

Features at a glance, peb design


mkaPEB Features

  • mkaPEB has a wide range of template types defined for portal frame and steel roof truss systems with variable cross-sections. All the features of the roof systems in these templates are parametric. If needed, they can be defined side by side and at different levels.


  • Snow Loads

Recognisıng the building structure and understanding the regional snow loads within the areas where snow accumulates on the roof, dependent on the load standards selected by the user.

It automatically loads varying loads according to the regions where the roof purlins are located.

When an engineer makes a change in the dimensions and shape of the structure, the most time-consuming load analysis is done in less than 1 second.


  • Wind Loads

Wind loads are the most complex of loads acting on the structure. The value of the load on the roof and facades varies regionally.

mkaPEB is familiar with the structure and knows the Eurocode, ASCE-07, IS-875 standards, automatically performs this complex calculation when the structure properties change.

The calculation which has been made by the software is automatically transferred to the roof and facade purlins and the main carrier system.



  • Crane Loads

For overhead crane loads, the overhead crane runway beam should be designed first. mkaPEB calculates this according to the rules given in AISC-Design Guide 7 and EN-1991-3 and automatically assigns loads to the columns.



  • Earthquake Loads

TDY-2018, AISC-341-16, Eurocode-8, EAK-2000 (Greece), IS 1893 Earthquake regulations are implemented in mkaPEB.

  • Tension-only member design for wall and roof bracings.

Elements on roofs and facades, especially central braces, buckle under compression loads due to their slenderness. mkaPEB can identify which element will buckle under which load and analyzes the system so that it is only supported by the tension-only members. Whilst making this analysis, it takes into account the thermal effects of Summer-Winter temperature differences and wind and earthquake loads coming from the facade. After solving each one separately, it superposes and controls the element strengths according to this last situation.

By doing this, mkaPEB was able to use tension-only rods in the braces.



  • Design of main members

Detailed design will be carried out according to various international codes.



  • Connections Design

mkaPEB steel truss automatically performs joint calculations for many joints on roofs and facades.

It resizes the connection plates according to the welding lengths calculated in the steel shears. Thus, the processing time is shortened and the possibility of error is eliminated.

If the selected steel structure design regulation is AISC-360, Connections is based on AISC-360-16 and design guides published by AISC.

If Eurocode 3 is selected, the strength of the connections is checked based on EN-1993-1-8.

The design of other combinations can be done after static calculations are made from the combination design page.

The properties of the combination can be changed parametrically.

The distances of the bolts to the edges and the limits of the welds are checked.

While calculating the strength of the connection, the changes can be followed on the 3D model.

2D technical drawing of the connection can also be taken.



  • Pad footing design

In our single-story warehouse-hangar type structure, the columns are under the effect of one-way bending. Especially when calculating foundations in structures with overhead cranes or under the influence of high wind force – Soil capacity It is thought that geotechnical controls should be done in addition to the reinforcement calculation.

The general bearing capacity formula recommended by Hansen Vesic in Eurocode -7 is used. Our aim with mkaPEB is to make all the elements of the steel structure, from the roof to the timeline, resistant to disaster situations.



  • Detailed design reports

Today, many structure analysis software gives their calculations within tables. And they show the accuracy of their calculations with verification solutions. This view was not adopted in mkaPEB. For this reason, the load calculations are given with detailed calculation reports for the design of steel structural elements and connections. The engineer can follow the reference, formulas, and process steps of the calculation.

We came to the first question asked by the engineer or the investor who prepared the proposal or made the analysis. What is the cost of this structure we calculated?

mkaPEB can extract all the material lists used in the building. The user can change the unit prices of the materials. Amended new unit prices are saved for future projects. Prices can be updated automatically according to the daily changing exchange rates. The ratio of scrap quantities for the offer can be changed from the table. On the table, the total used steel, m2 used steel, m2 unit cost, and the total cost can be examined.


mkaPEB prepares 3D solid model along with connections, which practically represent real-life structure.

  • DSTV-NC files for CNC machines

Today, CNC machines are widely used in the manufacture of steel structures. The biggest feature of 3D modeling software such as Tekla, Advance Steel, Bocad, SDS/2 is that it can produce DSTV-NC files. This issue was primarily targeted when mkaPEB was started to be developed

  • DRAWINGS – Footing plan

  • DRAWINGS – Anchor and base plate details


  • DRAWINGS – General arrangement


  • DRAWINGS – Assembly


  • DRAWINGS – Parts


  • Export model to Tekla with macros

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Unique features

Features mkaPEBother software

Costs below 2500$ per year
Gantry frames with steel scissors and rolled I profiles
Reinforced concrete and steel column systems
Solve together with singular foundations.
While performing cost analysis, this can calculate the amount and cost of paint to be used, as well as the surface area to be painted.
By calculating the quantity of welding, the required labor force and cost as well as the quantity of steel and reinforced concrete structural elements, it can help you to make accurate quotations with realistic cost analysis and prepare business plans.

PEB's designed with mkaPEB

  1. PEB & Type: 508


Variable H section frames are 25% lighter than gantry frames made of normal rolled steel. This ratio increases as the frame opening increases.

The following video shows how to create a 3D model of mkaPEB and PEB type 508.

  1. PEB & Type: 509


mkaPEB and PEB type 509 type curtain wall is used in a building, the size of the parametric changes and 3D solid model is created below the video is created.

  1. Portal frame & Type: 101


H-shaped rolling steel columns and beams are widely used in these structural systems, CNC machines can be produced quickly because it is the first choice of many manufacturers.

  • Increasing the number of frames to the rear
  • Parametric assignment of frame dimensions
  • Addition of wind columns on system shield facades
  • The main carrier system of column and beam sections and changing the joint type at the center of the sidewall stability diagonals
  • Creating a 3D solid model
  • Numbering of individual and assembly parts
  • Metrage of steel profiles, fasteners, and welding cost calculations
  • Information about obtaining a general quantity report

Type 101 is used in this video;


  1. Portal frame & Type: 101
  • Adding intermediate and overhead cranes to the system
  • Adding intermediate columns
  • Analysis of intermediate floor beams
  • Analysis of mobile crane
  • Overhead crane analysis reports
  • Information is given about the creation of the 3D solid model of the system.

Type 101 is used in this video;

  1. Type 101 + Type 105 + Type 108


  • Adding different roof systems to the left and right
  • Representation of snow loads due to accumulation of snow on the system
  • Information is given about the creation of the 3D solid model of the system.


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Customer's Feedback

It was really a fun experience using S-FOUNDATION. It is an easy-to-use software especially with an attractive interface (GUI). I have been teaching soil mechanics, geotechnical engineering & foundation engineering courses for the past 17 years in Malaysia with experience in PLAXIS.

Youventharan Duraisamy
University Malaysia Pahang

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PLAXIS 2D is a finite-element software application used to model and analyze geotechnical problems.

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