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Steel Portal Frame EC3 – Ram Caddsys
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Steel Portal Frame EC3 Is The Most Used Software For Building Component Design

Design of Steel portal frame structures according to Eurocode 3
  • All the loading conditions and load combinations according to Eurocode 0 and 1.
  • Seismic design according to Eurocode 8.
  • Design of the steel structure, according to Eurocode 3-1-1.
  • Steel joints according to Eurocode 3-1-8.
  • Lateral bracing system according to Eurocode 3-1.
  • Concrete foundation according to Eurocode 2-1 and Eurocode 7-1.
  • Detailed drawings of the structure and the connections.
      Concept design
  •     Elastic linear analysis, with allowance for second order effects. (Eurocode 3-1-1)
  •     Gravity loads, imposed loads, snow loads, wind loads (Eurocode 1-1, 1-3, 1-4).
  •     Seismic loads (Eurocode 8-1).
  •     All the load combinations (Eurocode 0)
  •     Analysis for seismic loads using lateral force method and modal superposition spectrum analysis. (Eurocode 8-1)
  •     Verification of the members (rafters, columns, haunch) in ultimate limit state (ULS) cross-section resistance and
    member flexural and lateral stability (Eurocode 3-1-1, 3-1-3, 3-1-5)
  •     Deflection checks in SLS, (Eurocode 3-1).
  •     Detailed design of bolted eave, apex and base connections. (Eurocode 3-1-8)
  •     Design of base anchoring (Eurocode 3-1-1, CEN/TS 1992-4-1)
  •     Design of purlins (Eurocode 3-1).
  •     Design of vertical and horizontal lateral bracing system (Eurocode 3-1).
  •     Design of concrete foundation. (Eurocode 2-1, Eurocode 7-1)
  •     Detailed drawings of the structure and the connections.
      Program features
Automatic production of structure geometry with minimum data entering.
All necessary data on one screen.Analysis and design of the structure simultaneously solution with data changes. Error messages for inadequate design in a specialized window. Design parts are marked OK or error.Selection of National Annex, snow, wind and earthquake region.Material and code parameters can be modified.
Snow load according to Eurocode 1.
Can be selected from snow region and altitude.
Wind loading according to Eurocode 1.
Can be selected from wind region, altitude and terrain configuration.Wind internal pressure.Tools for evaluating snow load according to EN1991-1-3 and wind load according to EN1991-1-4.
Seismic loads according to Eurocode 8.
Analysis for seismic loads using lateral force method and modal superposition spectrum analysis according to Eurocode 8.
Linear elastic finite element analysis with modified element stiffness for the haunch effect.
Design of vertical and horizontal lateral bracing system.
Imperfections with equivalent loads. Second order effects using αcr and amplification factors, ΕΝ1993-1-1 §5.2
Complete design verification according to EN1993-1-1 for section classification, cross-section resistance and member in plane, out-of plane and lateral torsional buckling.Design of bolted connections for Apex and Eave, and base according to EN1993-1-8.

Design of column base joint according to EN1993-1-8. Anchoring system to resist uplift forces according to CEN/TS 1992-4. Base connection can be pinned or rigid.

Design of concrete foundation according to Eurocode 2, EN1992-1-1 and Eurocode 7, EN1997-1-1.
Design of purlins. Continuous or simply supported purlins, lateral restrained or not. The degree of restrain due to sheeting is evaluated.
Full library with steel section profiles.Welded (fabricated) profiles can be used.
Editor for properties of welded (fabricated) profiles.Design estimate with selection of steel profiles.
Detailed drawings of the structure and the structural details for the connections.

Precise drawings in selected scales of the structure and the details.

Printing in Α4, Α3, Α2 paper.

Export of all CAD drawings to PDF, WMF or DXF format.

Full design report preview. Detailed report with diagrams, structure and connection drawings.References to Eurocodes paragraphs, report of analytical formulas and calculations.

Report contents and design parts can be selected.

PDF and DOC export of the report.

Example Report

Basic program parameters.

Select the National Annex.

Materials: Structural steel, Concrete, Reinforcing steel, Soils.

National Annex parameters and parameters for Portal Frames.

Eurocodes used in SteelPortalFrameEC3 

EN1990:2002, Eurocode 0 Basis of Structural Design
EN1991-1-1:2002, Eurocode 1-1 Actions on structures
EN1991-1-3:2003, Eurocode 1-3 Snow loads
EN1991-1-4:2005, Eurocode 1-4 Wind actions
EN1992-1-1:2004, Eurocode 2 Reinforced concrete
CEN/TS 1992-4-1:2009, Design of fastenings in concrete, General
CEN/TS 1992-4-2:2009, Design of fastenings, Headed Fasteners
EN1993-1-1:2005, Eurocode 3 1-1 Design of Steel structures
EN1993-1-3:2005, Eurocode 3 1-3 Cold-formed members
EN1993-1-5:2006, Eurocode 3 1-5 Plated structural elements
EN1993-1-8:2005, Eurocode 3 1-8 Design of Joints
EN1997-1-1:2004, Eurocode 7 Geotechnical design
EN1998-1-1:2004, Eurocode 8 Design in earthquake environment

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