COMOSYS - New generation Construction Modeling System with Disruptive Technology

Why was COMOSYS developed?

  • Disruptive BIM Technology for all civil engineers.
  • Exponentially faster compared to existing solutions, a visionary system that is “At least twice as fast as existing solutions… if not more”.
  • A Fully-integrated platform to provide a single model for FEA, Design Optimisation, and Detailing of Structures to avoid loss of data when the models are exchanged between FEA software and Detailing software. Design ➜ Detailing ➜Drawing Production
  • Extremely Intuitive features like InteliConnect, IntliClone, Inteliclash, and AutoAdjust are first-of-their-kind features in the steel detailing industry. These productivity features were designed keeping in mind the years of first-hand pain many engineers go through while using the existing manual solutions.
  • Affordability – To make the finest solution in the industry affordable. Boost your profits today; contact us now.

Model any Structure You Can Imagine

With COMOSYS, you are not limited to structures that fit a certain template. Whether you are in the housing business or you design industrial plants, complicated plate work, skyscrapers, or even bridges, you will be pleasantly surprised that COMOSYS never lags behind and is always there to provide the necessary framework needed to facilitate your work. You can even develop your own specialized macros or ask us to do it for you, giving you the edge over all your competitors.

Why is COMOSYS different?

Just Click and Connect – Do in days what others do in months

Intelligent Macros


IntelliConnect : Don’t just Connect – Intelli-Connect

Follow the advantage created by AUTO ADJUST with IntelliConnect. This unique feature of COMOSYS will help hat many simple connections and some advanced ones like floor beams with horizontal bracing spanning into them are handled easily leaving the modeler with only the complicated areas to deal with. IntelliConnect will connect your girts and purlins, most of your trusses, and floor beams with and without horizontal bracing, and even put the batten plates in all your twin profiles automatically with a single click. Simple vertical bracing connections too will be handled. The intelligence of this feature has been made customizable to a large extent. Try it and save time. Whenever it will work it will save you precious man-hours.



IntelliClone – Years Ahead!

Intelliclone is another revolutionary advanced command which is one step beyond Intelliconnect. Intelliconnect and Intellliclone are like sister commands, and they work together hand in hand. Intelliconnect is working in the cases where the pre-programmed template-based Intelligence inside COMOSYS. Wherever the connections made by Intelliconnect need to be shifted to some other parent frames or some other locations in the model with similar situations, there we can use the more revolutionary Intelliclone command. It offers a very similar solution to Intelliconnect, but this time the user is the one who directs the modeling. If the user models only one joint, Intelliclone allows the user to truly propagate and clone that joint without any clashes to wherever location needed in the model

Automate connection design and detailed reports


COMOSYS provides an extensive steel connection library that can work with or without analysis results. If no analysis results are available, the user can choose to design the connection according to a certain percentage of the capacity of the section or if analysis results are available these can be used directly. Some of the main connections available are listed below.

• Beam to Beam simple connections
• Beam to Beam fixed connections
• Beam to Beam seating connections
• Beam to Column simple connections
• Beam to Column fixed connections
• Beam to Column seating connections
• Column on Column seating connections
• Base plate connections
• Vertical bracing connections
• Horizontal bracing connections
• Purlin and Girt connections
• Wind column connections
• Splice connections
• Truss connections
• Truss seating connections
• Crane Girder connections
• Monorail connections
• Sag Rod connections
• Stair and ladder connections
• Handrail modeling
• Grating & Chequered plate modeling

Clash Checking is fully integrated with the basic work environment of COMOSYS. Find out about possible clashes before the person at the site gives you a call to tell you about it. This will not only save valuable design man-hours but also reduce the problems for the construction team. COMOSYS will not only provide you with clash reports within a discipline but also give inter-disciplinary clash reports. These reports also allow the user to zoom in on the objects which are clashing and manage the clashes. Many times you get a model from somewhere that you need to incorporate into your own to see any possible clashes. But to your horror, you find that the model which has been sent to you has its own internal clashes as well which clutter up your clash reports. COMOSYS allows you to overlook these clashes and focus entirely on where the other discipline is clashing with yours.



Companies will be able to save a considerable amount of time & money using this unique feature of COMOSYS. Typically during the analysis stage, the engineer is not concerned about the exact placement of members according to detailed requirements. In particular, trusses aren’t modeled according to the center of gravity of the profiles, horizontal bracings aren’t located at their correct elevations and with the right orientations and the girts and purlins aren’t modeled in their actual positions. Splice Positions are not really a consideration and similarly other such factors which don’t affect the analysis are left for the detailer to worry about. However, this also means that the model prepared by the Engineer is not directly usable and needs a lot of remodeling. The unique AUTO ADJUST technology present in COMOSYS provides practical and useful solutions to many of these problems and with a press of a single button the ugly analysis model is converted into a model ready for detailing!

Looking for Training?

COMOSYS was developed with the idea of making software accessible to all engineers. Master all the capabilities today for free!

We offer both regional and international licenses.

  • Multi-user support
  • Dotnet-based API
  • Imperial Units and Metric Units
  • IFC Import
  • SAP2000 data file export
  • Automatic Drawing Generation
  • All major design codes available
We offer both regional and international licenses.

  • Multi-user support
  • Dotnet-based API
  • Imperial Units and Metric Units
  • IFC Import
  • SAP2000 data file export
  • Automatic Drawing Generation
  • All major design codes available

COMOSYS Technical Capabilities

  • Analyses
  • Element Library
  • Supershell & Automatic Meshing
  • Loading
  • Foundations Analyses
  • General Purpose Finite Element Analysis
  • Post Processing
  • International Design Codes
  • Flexible Design Scenarios
  • Design Parameter Overrides
  • Intelligent Design Combo Generation
  • Design Evaluation
  • Correct Calculation of K-Factors
  • Deflection Checks
  • Special Design Checks
  • Color Coded Design Output and Easy to Use Output Files
  • Response Spectrum Analysis Combinations
  • General Modeling Capabilities
  • Extensive Connection Library
  • Complex Details
  • Comclash Technology
  • Auto Adjust
  • IntelliConnect & Intelliclone
  • Ancillary Steelwork
  • Automatic Drawings & Lists
  • General Modeling Capabilities
  • Modeling of Formwork Elements
  • Secondary Concrete Modeling
  • Embedded Steel Modeling
  • Generalized Anchor Bolt Modeling
  • Concrete and Formwork Material Take-Off
  • Embedded Steel Drawings
  • Formwork Drawings
  • Surface Rebar-Tracer Technology
  • Specific Template Macros
  • Automatic Numbering
  • Operations on Surface Bars
  • Template Rebar Drawings
  • General Rebar Drawings
  • Shell Plates Modeling
  • Base Plates Modeling
  • Roof Plates Modeling
  • Nozzle and Manhole Modeling
  • Ladder Modeling
  • Foundation Modeling
  • Manual Modeling
  • Production of Shop Drawings
  • Automatic Material Take-Off
  • Adding Views
  • Taking Sections
  • Dimensions
  • Frame, Plate, Bolt, and Weld Annotations
  • REBAR Annotaions
  • Material Take-Off
  • Insertion of Special CAD Details
  • Export to Popular CAD Formats

Types Of License We Offer

Perpetual Licenses
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  • Customised training
  • Maintenance - Unlimited Support
  • Suitable for in-house design teams
  • Bulk Discounts
  • Long-term investment
  • Perfect for Institutions & Corporates
  • Available for all software we sell
Subscriptions Licenses
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  • Customised training
  • Unlimited Support
  • Suitable for in-house design teams
  • No bulk discounts
  • Less expensive upfront
  • Available for all software we sell

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