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Ram Caddsys – Change For Better
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Years Of Experience

Empowering infrastructure professionals globally with technology, one at a time

With over 22 years of industry experience and a global network of think tanks, software developers, innovators, and industry professionals we believe that every infrastructure/civil engineer has the right to access the most disruptive and competent design technology in the market. We are working towards making this a reality globally.

What differentiates us as a distributor?

  • We offer developer-certified training courses that are recognised worldwide
  • We offer the option to purchase in your local currency
  • Round the clock support
  • Latest information on disruptive infrastructure/civil design software
  • Global industry insights and trends

Industries We Serve

BIM Industry

Building information modeling is a process supported by various tools, technologies, and...

BIM for Modular and Prefab
BIM for Modular and Prefab

Complete Your Green Building Projects Faster with Automated BIM Software! Vertex BD...


Geotechnical FEA
Geotechnical FEA

Industrial Plant Engineering
Industrial Plant Engineering

All-in-one 3D plant visualization and review software. Works with multiple devices like...

Raster Image Management
Raster Image Management


We offer solutions for both hot-rolled and cold-formed structures.


We offer the leading wood and timber framing software for prefab, modular,...

Our Products

Vertex BD

Vertex BD is the leading cold-formed steel framing software / light gauge steel framing software for prefab, modular, residential and...

Starting from

COMOSYS has been created to not only save time and money but to also provide features that existing steel/concrete(RC) detailing...

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Brands We Work With

Our Clients

Customer's Feedback

It was really a fun experience using S-FOUNDATION. It is an easy-to-use software especially with an attractive interface (GUI). I have been teaching soil mechanics, geotechnical engineering & foundation engineering courses for the past 17 years in Malaysia with experience in PLAXIS.

Youventharan Duraisamy
University Malaysia Pahang

Vertex allows us to double-check every single wall or truss, as if you actually were on the site looking at the house. It stops us from making mistakes and having things sent to the site incorrectly.

Brett Smith
Queensland Steel House Frames

Optum CE is a finite element program that analyses the strength and deformation of geotechnical

boundary value issues. It is feasible to compute failure loads immediately in Optum CE in comparison

to standard step-by-step elastoplastic analysis. Furthermore, rigorous upper and lower constraints on the

failure load may be computed, bracketing the precise solution from above and below. It is also feasible

to compute upper and lower bounds on the precise strength reduction factor analysis, which is

particularly relevant for slope stability assessments as the factor by which material strengths must be

lowered in order to trigger collapse. It has a variety of finite elements, including the popular 6-node and

15-node triangles. Optum CE consists of specialised elements for modelling of geotextile, anchors,

interfaces, joints, and walls those are helpful for accurate simulation in the modelling. Seepage and

groundwater flow problems, excavations and deep excavations can be modelled easily.

Dr. Srinivasan V

Optum G2 has helped a lot in my masters dissertation at Madan Mohan Malviya University of Technology, Gorakhpur. This computational tool has advanced adaptive mesh technique that automatically rearranges the elements in such a manner that provides approximate solution of the boundary value problems and the failure path that the material would follow during collapse. This tool is very easy to use due to its graphical user interface which has made the modeling task very handy and time saving. The computational results are very reliable as I had performed validation with almost 6 other numerical, experimental and/or analytical study which had helped in international publications with good number of citations.


OptumG2 works really well and develops a fast, user-friendly interface. It is the ideal solution for limit analysis and provides rigorous upper and lower bounds on a true factor of safety. When we combine mesh adaptivity the results are great for foundation analysis. I’m using software for the last six months for various analysis like determining the bearing capacity of the foundation in an efficient and convenient manner.

Dr. Vinay Bhushan Chauhan
Madan Mohan Malviya University of Technology

Before it might take three weeks to do the layout and get all the wall panels drawn up. With Vertex BD we can do the same project in roughly a week’s time.

Michael Ward

It is crucial for us to have a tool which can quickly create a draft 3D model with fairly good details to communicate with clients in the early phase of a potential project. With Vertex BD it can be done easily.

Jianchao Sun
Jiu Tai Steel

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