Quikjoint: Comprehensive Steel connection design software to Eurocode, BS5950 and the Green books

Steel connection design for simple and moment connections in accordance with EN 1993-1-8 and the green books (P212, P207, P358 and P398).

The most comprehensive connections package available. Select a joint type, enter member sizes and loads. That’s all you have to do! Quikjoint’s connect wizard will produce a connection design to Eurocode 3 or BS5950 based on the fabricator experience stored in its unique knowledge base. Working with an automatically drawn fully dimensioned and annotated drawing, you can click any any item to change it. That’s if you don’t like the Wizard’s design. Links to Quikframe, Quikport and CAD make Quikjoint the No. 1 connections program.



Quikjoint: Product overview and simple connection design 



Quikjoint: Rigid moment connection



Quikjoint: Beam splice connection


Quikport: Multi-span portal frame design program to Eurocode and BS5950

Steel portal frame design in accordance with EN 1993-1-1 and BS5950. Now with extensions for Eurocode design with BS 5502-22 for class 2 for agricultural buildings.

Quikport is the most versatile portal frame design program on the market. In addition to elastic and elastic-plastic methods, it incorporates a unique optimising routine based on linear programming techniques. With no restrictions on frame geometry, Quikport will deliver the goods where other programs fail. Intelligent wizard technology for automatic design and checking. Includes second order analysis and automatic load generation including wind-loading. Designs to Eurocode-3 and BS5950.



Quikport: Introduction



Quikport: Input wizard



Quikport: Load cases and combinations wizard



Quikport: Design wizard



Quikport: Check wizard



Quikport: Conclusion



Quikport: Exporting data to Quikjoint for joint design