PowerConnect: Fast and Easy Steel Connections Design Software

PowerConnect is the perfect software to design the standard steel steel connections.  Design codes include Euro, American and Indian standards.


Connection types


Design moment connections with PowerConnect
Moment connections
  • End plate, angles or welded
  • Extras: haunches, stiffeners, …, …
  • Optimal bolt positions
  • M, V and N
  • Rotational stiffness graph


Design shear connections with PowerConnect
Shear connections
  • Shear end plate
  • Fin or single plate
  • Angles
  • Optimal bolt positions
  • V and N


Design column base connections with PowerConnect
Column bases
  • I or rectangular cross-section
  • Stiffeners and cramps
  • Straight or bent anchors
  • M, V and N
  • Rotational stiffness graph


Calculate tubular connections with PowerConnect
Tubular connections
  • Type T, Y, DY, X, K, N, KT & DK
  • Round, square, rectangle or I cross- sections
  • M_i, M_o and N



Simple and fast connection with PowerConnect



PowerConnect: Column web – Beam moment connection 



PowerConnect: Beam – Beam shear connection




PowerConnect: Beam splice connection



PowerConnect: Column base plate connection



PowerConnect: Tubular RHS connection



PowerConnect: Tubular CHS connection