GMatrix-7: Automate your PEB design with GMatrix-7. Design, detail and estimate your PEB structures in minutes!!!

GMatrix-7 is a 3D / 7D structural analysis and design software that has been developed to be a complete package that can perform steel structures composed simultaneously / individually of Hot-Rolled, Tapered Built-Ups, Cranes and Cold-Formed sections, covering a wide range from Heavy Steel, PEB to LGS buildings.

From manual 3D structural modeling (using GUI), to a fully automated PEB building generator (BIM), the design engineer is free to select the suitable API that he finds helpful to model his project.

Why Choose GMatrix-7?

  • 3D/7D Structural Analysis
  • P-Delta & p-delta analysis. Each member is subdivided by sub-segments.
  • Direct Analysis Method in accordance with AISC, Direct Strength Method for Cold-Formed Sections.
  • Warping analysis, Non-Linear Torsion in accordance with Vlassov theory.
  • Auto-Design feature based on the mode of failure
  • Automatic Optimization of tapered portal frames
  • Automatic design of connections and base plate
  • Automatic production of  detailed drawings
  • Generate Anchor Bolt Plan, Elevations and Frames Cross Sections.
  • Automatic generation of bill of quantities and surface area for painting
  • Automatic generation of brief and detailed reports
  • Different interfaces, Graphical, Text File, BIM (Building Information Management)
  • Highest automation possible to produce design, detailing and estimation in few minutes.
  • Capability to combine Built-Ups, Hot-Rolled and Cold-Formed sections simultaneously within the same structure.
  • Open Web Steel Joists design and detailing in accordance with Steel Joist Institute.
  • Design codes include American, European, Indian and other.


Watch GMatrix-7 in action