CSE is an expert system for the design of 3D steel Connections for Euro, AMERICAN, Indian and British standards

C.S.E. (CONNECTIONS STUDY ENVIRONMENT) is an expert program that deals with the design of standard and nonstandard 2D & 3D steel connections. The joints can be created inside the program using CAD environment or can be imported from FEA & CAD programs.

CSE is fruit of a research begun in 1999. It is the most comprehensive solution to the problem of steel joints and steel connections design, calculation, verification and checking.

Presently  C.S.E. can work with Sargon or Sap 2000TM, STRAPTM, STAAD PROTM, MIDASTM, RISA3DTM (the fem programs it presently is interfaced with), or as a stand alone tool, and it will surely be interfaced with more software packages, worldwide available (probably also via IFC file format).



CSE Presentation: Steel Connections design & check



CSE Project: Overview



CSE: Importing FEM model to CSE



CSE Tour: BEAM – BEAM Connection



CSE Tour: BEAM-COLUMN Connection



CSE: Splice Joint design



CSE Tour: Base plate design




CSE Tour: Bracing node design



“Scribble”  Steel connections by CSE



CSE: FEM modelling of connections


CSE: Linear vs Nonlinear analysis