POWERCONNECT Is The Most Used Software For Steel Connection Design

Steel connection software

PowerConnect is the perfect software to design quick and easy different types of steel connections. Watch some videos, look at the brochures or read more about the advantages of PowerConnect.


Easy and fast definition of connections from an extensive library of typical connection designs.

Quick graphical editing of connection with a simple mouse click, directly on the 3D representation.


Optimization of bolt positions according to EN 1993-1-8, IS 800 and AISC-LRFD.

Fast identification of undersized and oversized components through colour coding on connection geometry of each component’s level of exhaustion.

Reports and drawings

Creation of drawings including annotation. Export capability to DXF, allowing for further elaboration in CAD environment.

Automated creation of design analysis report with preview capability. Report can be saved as RTF file.

Connection types

  • End plate, angles or welded
  • Extras: haunches, stiffeners, …, ..
  • Optimal bolt positions
  • M, V and N
  • Rotational stiffness graph
  • Shear end plate
  • Fin or single plate
  • Angles
  • Optimal bolt positions
  • V and N
  • I or rectangular cross-section
  • Stiffeners and cramps
  • Straight or bent anchors
  • M, V and N
  • Rotational stiffness graph
  • Type T, Y, DY, X, K, N, KT & DK
  • Round, square, rectangle or I cross-sections
  • M_i, M_o and N
Looking for Training?

We offer authorized training for POWERCONNECT , get certified locally and recognized globally today.

Types Of License We Offer

Perpetual Licenses
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  • Customised training
  • Maintenance - Unlimited Support
  • Suitable for in-house design teams
  • Bulk Discounts
  • Long-term investment
  • Perfect for Institutions & Corporates
  • Available for all software we sell
Subscriptions Licenses
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  • Customised training
  • Unlimited Support
  • Suitable for in-house design teams
  • No bulk discounts
  • Less expensive upfront
  • Perfect for MSME's
  • Available for all software we sell

Who Can Benefit

  • Geotechnical Engineers
  • Research Scholars
  • Academicians

Talk With An Expert

Our POWERCONNECT experts are available round the clock to assist you, go ahead and connect now.

Customer's Feedback

It was really a fun experience using S-FOUNDATION. It is an easy-to-use software especially with an attractive interface (GUI). I have been teaching soil mechanics, geotechnical engineering & foundation engineering courses for the past 17 years in Malaysia with experience in PLAXIS.

Youventharan Duraisamy
University Malaysia Pahang

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