GMatrix-7, The Excellence of Open Web Steel Joist (OWSJ), PEB, and LGS Design Software

Automate Design, Detail & Estimation of your Open Web Steel Joists and PEB Structures in minutes!

GMatrix-7 is a 3D / 7D structural analysis and design software that has been developed to be a complete package that can perform steel structures composed simultaneously / individually of Hot-Rolled, Tapered Built-Ups, Cranes and Cold-Formed sections, covering a wide range from Open Web Steel Joists, Heavy Steel, PEB to LGS buildings.

From manual 3D structural modeling (using GUI), to a fully automated PEB building generator (BIM), the design engineer is free to select the suitable API that he finds helpful to model his project.


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Who Can Benefit

  • Open Web Steel Joist Fabricators
  • Open Web Steel Joist Designers and Detailers
  • Research professionals

GMatrix-7 Features

Features GMatrix-7

Automation of PEB Structures
Automation of OWSJ (Open Web Steel Joist Structures) design and detailing in accordance with Steel Joist Institute
Design of LGSF Structures
3D/7D Structural Analysis
P-Delta & p-delta analysis, each member is subdivided by sub-segments.
Direct Analysis Method in accordance with AISC
Direct Strength Method for Cold-Formed Sections
Warping analysis
Non-Linear Torsion in accordance with Vlassov theory
Auto-Design feature based on the mode of failure
Automatic Optimization of tapered portal frames
Automatic design of connections and base plate
Automatic production of detailed drawings
Generate Anchor Bolt Plan, Elevations and Frames Cross Sections
Automatic generation of bill of quantities and surface area for painting
Automatic generation of brief and detailed reports
Different interfaces, Graphical, Text File, BIM (Building Information Management)
Capability to combine Built-Ups, Hot-Rolled and Cold-Formed sections simultaneously within the same structure
Highest automation possible to produce design, detailing and estimation in few minutes

All Applications

Design of OWSJ(Open Web Steel Joist) by GMatrix-7 in action,


1. Open Web Steel Joists / Input

2. Open Web Steel Joists / Design Output


3. Open Web Steel Joists / Detailing Output

GMatrix-7 Software provides a unique solution for Open Web Steel Joists, Light Gauge Steel Frame, and Pre-Engineered Buildings Structures.

GMatrix offers automatic optimisation of BOX PEB Buildings and generation of GA drawings.

1. Box PEB Building (BIM) / Work Order Form

  • Auto-Design of a complete PEB building based on the mode of failure, including Connections and Base plates.
  • Supporting different design & minimum building codes, including American, Indian, and European.


2. Box PEB Building (BIM) / Cranes


3. Box PEB Building (BIM) / Mezzanine

4. Box PEB Building (BIM) / Building Auto-Design

5. Box PEB Building (BIM) / Drawings

6. Box PEB Building (BIM) / BOM


7. Main Frame, Individual / Output



8. Crane Beam Design, Individual / Input

9. Crane Beam Design, Individual / Output

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Customer's Feedback

It was really a fun experience using S-FOUNDATION. It is an easy-to-use software especially with an attractive interface (GUI). I have been teaching soil mechanics, geotechnical engineering & foundation engineering courses for the past 17 years in Malaysia with experience in PLAXIS.

Youventharan Duraisamy
University Malaysia Pahang

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Frequently Ask Questions

✓ The highest automation is possible to produce design, detailing, and estimation in a few minutes.

✓ Capability to combine Built-Ups, Hot-Rolled and Cold-Formed sections simultaneously within the same structure.

✓ Open Web Steel Joists design and detailing in accordance with Steel Joist Institute.

✓ Design codes include American, European, Indian etc.

Currently, GMatrix-7 is the market leader in this segment mainly because of its superior technology and intuitive interface.

Yes, you can. Probably one of the fastest and most accurate solution in the market for Pre-Engineered Buildings design and detailing.

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